I don't understand what's happening. I'm using the gwcode categories addon to get the category of and entry id, it works well when the entry id is present:

   {exp:gwcode_categories group_id="6" entry_id="22" depth="1"}

But when i use the url_title_to_entry_id plugin there is a problem:

  {exp:gwcode_categories group_id="6"
               entry_id="{exp:url_title_to_entry_id url_title="{segment_2}"}
               parse="inward" depth="1"}



The two categories inside the group name (id=6) are displayed instead of the category associated to the entry.

{exp:url_title_to_entry_id url_title="{segment_2} used alone display the correct entry id , so i don't understand why all the categories inside the group name are displayed. What could be the problem?


{exp:url_title_to_entry_id url_title="{segment_2} is not parsing the entry_id, so all the categories are displayed. How to parse a variable entry id, inside the gwcode categories?

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    You dont have a closing quote on your plugin. Dont know of that plugin but should use simgle quotes inside double quotes too. – stuartmcd69 Apr 6 '14 at 8:01
  • Hi Stuart, thanks !! Right, a closing quot is missing, but really exp:url_title_to_entry_id not is parsed inside an other parameter addon. I will reconsider a solution using the get post method, or in place to use the url title using the entry id in the segment, would be more easy to manage. – Stéphane Apr 6 '14 at 14:05

Not familiar with that plugin but you can try…

IF you're calling the {exp:channel:entries} tag, you could simply place it inside that tag and it'll work fine.

If you need to have it outside the {exp:channel:entries} tag you could use Stash to record it like:

{exp:stash:set name="catid" parse_tags="yes" type="snippet" trim="yes"} {!-- Save as snippet --}
{exp:url_title_to_entry_id url_title="{segment_2}"}

{exp:stash:parse} {!-- Forces to parse after stash:set --}
{exp:gwcode_categories group_id="6"
  parse="inward" depth="1"}

This code is off-the-top and may or may not work 'as-is' but the theory is sound ;)

  • Stuart, thanks for your code example. It works fine, and really Stash is very powerful, for the moment i only know the bases, so I have to improve the Stash capabilities. – Stéphane Apr 8 '14 at 12:49

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