I'm not sure if I'm only just noticing this error, or if it just came up from some reason...

EE v2.7.2
PT Field Pack v2.1.1

The Error:

A PHP Error was encountered
Severity: Notice
Message: Array to string conversion
Filename: fieldpack/ft.fieldpack_pill.php
Line Number: 132

If I comment out line 132 in fieldpack/ft.fieldpack_pill.php the error goes away, and the fieldtype seems to work just fine:

enter image description here

Any ideas what could be causing this? Is commenting the line out going to cause other problems?

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I just had this issue too on same installation. I had installed a new fieldtype (Plate Picker), which uses the $settings['options'] array too to store the field_type settings. Problem is that P&T pill assumes all values inside $settings['options'] are string values, but with my new field_type they are not.

I didn't dig deeper into EE Fieldtypes to find out what's the default way to store field_type options, so I don't know exactly who should fix this.

Instead of completely commenting out the line, you should be able to fix this by adding an extra line of code on line 130:

foreach($settings['options'] as $name => $label)
    if (is_array($label)) continue; // Added

    if ($r !== '') $r .= "\n";
    $r .= $name;
    if ($name !== $label) $r .= ' : '.$label;
    if (isset($settings['default']) && $settings['default'] == $name) $r .= ' *';

Field Pack gives you the option to specify a name and value pair, so in your field you could set:

[value] : [name]

which might equate to say

1 : Yes
0 : No

This would then display in your pill field as a Yes/No button, but allow you to use the value instead of the name in your template logic. eg.

{if pill_field == '1'}

The code you've commented out looks like its doing some checking on your field values, and I think its saying if the name and label are not identical, return the data in the format

$name : $label

So to answer your question, commenting this line out probably will have an impact on how the field works.

We use the field pack a lot but haven't come across this. I'd say its less likely to be an issue in the ft.fieldpack_pill.php file though.

What have you set as the default values in the field?

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