I have a requirement in one of my EE site wherein I need to insert some data in tables and make some channel entries using EE channel API,I am able to do this within a EE template using database class or channel API..like

 $this->EE->db->insert("INSERT QUERY");

But I have to do the same thing from a Php file which is located at root (same level of index.php file). Can anyone please help me out here.

I want to know what files to be included and what classes to be initiated or anything to be able to use EE object ($this->EE) within in a php file (located at root).

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Check out Rob Sanchez' EE Bootstrap: https://github.com/rsanchez/ExpressionEngine-Bootstrap

It does just what you're looking for. I've used it myself for some projects where I didn't want to put code inside an EE add-on.

  • Thanks for the your reply....and sorry for my late reply :) May 12, 2014 at 7:11

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