I have a problem in retrieving data from different channel field.

i want to search all enteries of news to check if its matched. Please tell me how i Can do that. I am writing my code below.

Below code is working for a single channel entry and not for multiple

     <div id="txthint">dqwdqq</div>
     <input type="text" class="search-query input-small" name="search:title"  id="search:title" >

    {if count ==  1}<ol>{/if}
        <li><a href="{comment_url_title_auto_path}">{title}</a></li>
    {if count == total_results}</ol>{/if}
    {if no_results}Geen resultaten gevonden{/if}


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Low Search's Form tag doesn't take any filter parameters, at least not since v3. You're defining 2 filter parameters (collection and search_mode) on the Form tag, but you should add these parameters to the Results tag or add them as (hidden) input fields in side the Form tag.

Also, I'd recommend using name="keywords" (utilizing the Keywords filter) instead of name="search:title" (which is the Field Search filter).

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