How would you display only the country name from an entry that has been geocoded with the fieldtype from the excellent Google Maps for ExpressionEngine (GMEE)?

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I have discovered two ways of doing this which I thought might be helpful to someone, and am looking for improvements or better ideas if people have them.

Method 1.

Use a javascript plugin, as suggested by Justin Kimbrell, author of Google Maps for ExpressionEngine.

Method 2.

Use the extremely versatile 'Low Replace' ExpressionEngine plugin by Lodewijk Schutte:

{exp:channel:entries etc}
  {geolocation parse="markers"}
      {exp:low_replace find="(.*,\s)(.*)" replace="$2" regex="yes"}


  • Non-essential code has been removed for brevity.
  • 'geolocation' is the name of a GMEE fieldtype custom field
  • The regex accounts for multiple place names in the format provided by Google Maps (e.g. "city, state, country" will be replaced by "country").
  • Tested on EE v2.5.5 and GMEE v3.1.0

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