Is possible to publish an entry belong to domain1 in domain2 simply adding a channel field to that entry? Something like:

Publish on

  • domain1
  • domain2
  • both domain1 and domain2

I short can I have only one entries' database and choose where to publish them?


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You could add a dropdown field (call it say, display_on) to your channel with the options Domain 1, Domain 2, Domain 1 + 2.

Then in your channel entries tag:

{exp:channel:entries channel="channel_name" search:display_on="=Domain 1" site="domain_1" dynamic="no"}


{exp:channel:entries channel="channel_name" search:display_on="=Domain 1|Domain 2" site="domain_1" dynamic="no"}

You could also achieve this using categories instead of the dropdown depending on your content.

{exp:channel:entries channel="channel_name" category="1" site="domain_1" dynamic="no"}

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