I had

{parents channel="gallery"}
    {if parents:no_results}Galleries: 0</a>{/if}
    {if count >= 1}
        {if count == total_results}
        Galleries: <a href="{site_url}models/profile/{embed:modelid}">{parents:total_results}</a>

And if 3 galleries and 2 videos, it would say Galleries 3 Videos 2

Now it says Galleries 3 Galleries 3 Galleries 3 Videos 2 Videos 2

I'm sure EE's realtionships changed...any idea what I need to change it to?


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You must prefix all of the variables inside of a parents tag with parents:,including count and total_results.

You also have an extra conditional which you don't need - and, note the change in creating the link to use the {path} variable.

{parents channel="gallery"}
    {if parents:no_results}Galleries: 0{/if}
    {if parents:count == parents:total_results}
        Galleries: <a href="{path="models/profile/{embed:modelid}"}">{parents:total_results}</a>
  • Btw, how come I dont have to use the field="something" tag in the first line?
    – CJbrian
    Apr 29, 2014 at 16:11
  • Ah - well you should use the field parameter, but if you don't I think it will just grab all relationships for that entry (from all fields)? Apr 29, 2014 at 19:24

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