Does {exp:calendar:events} accept dynamic parameters?

I am trying to pass this in:


where {tunnel_calendar} is a PLAYA field but this isn't being parsed.

Any ideas?

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Turn on Template Debugging in EE. This will allow you to see if tags are parsed correctly and in the right order.

In the Template Debugger, if you see the following, eg:


...that means that your Playa code parses before {exp:calendar:events}, and all is good.

If you see the following, as-is:


...that means that your Playa code isn't parsed before {exp:calendar:events}, in which case you'll need to rethink your EE parse order strategy (for example, passing the Playa entry_ids in an embed containing your {exp:calendar:events} code. Really depends on the context).

Highly recommended read: http://ellislab.com/expressionengine/user-guide/templates/template_engine.html

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