I have some code that creates my breadcrumbs and it uses this conditional:

{if segment_1 == "media" && segment_2 != "media-view" && segment_2 != ""}
<li class="breadcrumb"><p><a href="{site_url}index.php/media">Media</a></p></li>
<li class="breadcrumb"><p>{title}</p></li>

The problem is that now there are enough media files to have multiple pages, and the pagination becomes segment_2, so it's no longer blank. So now the page is broken because its trying to put in a bunch of junk for the breadcrumbs.

How do you match against pagination? Is there a wildcard character so I could say something like the following?

{if segment_2 == "P%"}

It's been a while since I used EE and I can't seem to find the answer. thanks in advance for your help.

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One solution would be to use MoVariables : http://devot-ee.com/add-ons/mo-variables

You can check a conditional against pagination.

There is probably a better way to do this, but this should work.


The default EECMS conditionals can't check against RegEx, so your simplest solution is to use Switchee.

{exp:switchee variable="{segment_1}/{segment_2}" parse="inward"}

    {case value="#^media/P\d+$#|media/media-view|media/"}
        {!-- for this case, we show nothing --}

    {case value="media/{segment_2}"}
        <li class="breadcrumb"><p><a href="{site_url}index.php/media">Media</a></p></li>
        <li class="breadcrumb"><p>{title}</p></li>

To avoid complex and hard to debug RegEx, I created one first case to exclude all three situations you need to, separated by |:

  • segment_1 == media and segment_2 as pagination: ^media/P\d+$, where# delimits a RegEx;
  • segment_1 == media and segment_2 == 'media-view': media/media-view;
  • segment_1 == media and segment_2 empty: media/.

If the first case doesn't match, then the second will be tested.

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