We're developing a form where the user submits a large form - 40 fields plus - which needs to get mailed to two different admins (one with the actual content and one with some other information) but which ALSO needs to post to a channel.

As of now we're looking at using Channel:Form and a Postmaster/Notification add on. But am wondering if this is actually the best way. Is there perhaps a more efficient approach using a form-submission module - one that submits the form and also posts to a channel?

Is there such a module? Any tips on how others might approach this?

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I think your approach is a good one if you're form is inserting/updating a single channel at a time. I'm doing the same thing with channel form handling the form and Postmaster for the notifications (here's an example from the Postmaster docs).

  • Cool, I was looking at Postmaster - is it a good notification solution do you think? Can it mail the Channel entry like it was a form submission?
    – segovius
    Commented May 3, 2014 at 15:11

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