I have working production with Cartthrob v. 2.0373

After upgrading EE to 2.8.1 and CT to 2.5 - when I try to add something in my cart - through the URL (http://staging.heartfoundation.org.nz/shop/product_view/12235/good-food-cook-book) I'm getting this error during the custom extension, which can't be found.

A PHP Error was encountered Severity: Notice

Message: Undefined index: hf_cartthrob

Filename: libraries/Extensions.php

Line Number: 193

The interesting this is however that i have database previously upgraded and to ee 281 and cart throb with this later version and this problem does not occurring.

I found the file ext.hf_cartthrob.php in system_213_working/system/e..e../extensions and I copied it to my system/ee/extensions but nothing changed.

My question is: where the custom extensions are located in new version, or probably there is some setting in the database that preventing this error, when I try to switch the database to stage version, where I originally did the EE update?

  • Hi Vladyn, Cartthrob isn't tested and ready for EE 2.8 yet and as such isn't being supported on EE 2.8 yet. Can you go down to EE 2.7.3? May 4, 2014 at 14:39
  • I'm not sure this is the problem here. As I mentioned I have two databases that I'm switching over and files + add-ons updated. EE is 2.8.1 and by switching the DB 1 I don;t have this problem.
    – Vladyn
    May 5, 2014 at 10:05


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