I'm using low:events:entries. I have a page that shows the next upcoming featured event as a picture, then underneath it a list of events, both featured and non-featured. My next upcoming featured event is showing up both in the picture and in the list, and I'd like it to not show up in the list since that looks like a duplicate.

It's under "Upcoming Events" at www.fcs.uga.edu.

I've tried using the entry_id="not {lv_exclude_id}" parameter when making the list, defining lv_exclude_id, an early-parsed Low Variable, as:

{exp:low_events:entries channel="events" show_passed="no" search:events_front_page_feature="Yes" limit="1"}

(The same tag that brings up my one featured event.)

But that's not working. Maybe seeding one low:events:entries with another isn't the way to do this. Any ideas?

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Using an early parsed var (or a Snippet for that matter) like that doesn't work. To illustrate, using the var you geva as an example, and using it like this:

{exp:low_events:entries entry_id="not {lv_exclude_id}"}

...will result in this code when we come to the stage where tags are parsed:

{exp:low_events:entries entry_id="not {exp:low_events:entries channel="events" show_passed="no" search:events_front_page_feature="Yes" limit="1"}

You can see why this will not work.

So, to work around it, you'd need to use either an embed, or something like Stash.

  • I actually tried Stash and an embed, as well, and neither worked. Both are outputting the correct value right before I open the low_events:entries tag, but inside the tag defining entry_id="not {embed or stash reference}" something must be going wrong. Parse order I assume?
    – jphansen
    May 12, 2014 at 18:30
  • You should be looking at something like entry_id="not {embed:entry_id}" instead of putting the actual embed tag in there. Check out the docs on embeds/layouts on the EE site.
    – Low
    May 13, 2014 at 9:31
  • That worked, thanks. I was passing the embed (which returned a value) as a parameter in low:events:entries, when I should have included the entire low:events:entries block in an embed like {embed="embeds/include_latest_events" exclude_id="{exp:stash:get name="exclude_id"}"}.
    – jphansen
    May 13, 2014 at 13:19

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