I need to build a double website.

  • Both sites must use different domain names
  • Both sites share exact same design & structure
  • Most static contents are the same
  • Most dynamic contents are different
  • Some dynamic contents can be SHARED across both sites

  • Example:

    1. Administrator of site A publishes an entry
    2. The new entry appears only on site A
    3. Administrator of site B is notified of the new entry
    4. Administrator of site B allows entry to appear on site B

At first I thought that would be easy using multisite manager. Now I’m digging in, I wonder : is that the best way to go ?

Cheers, L.


This answer needs to be 30 characters long but the simple answer is "yes".

  • This is the perfect use case of MSM. – Justin Long May 13 '14 at 16:36

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