I have a grid field like this:

File - Text field - Relationship field

Where the file is a document, the text field is the title and the relationship field is the argument.

I would like to output the list of files like this:

Argument 1

  • File 1
  • File 2
  • File 3

Argument 2

  • File 4
  • File 5
  • File 6

And so on, therefore grouped by the relationship field.

Now I have something like


<li><a href="{grid:file}"> {grid:text_field} </a> - {grid:relationship}{grid:relationship:title}{/grid:relationship}</li>


That shows me:

  • File 1 - Argument 1
  • File 2 - Argument 1
  • File 3 - Argument 1
  • File 4 - Argument 2
  • File 5 - Argument 2
  • File 6 - Argument 2

How can I output the items by grouping them by argument? It means that the relationship field must shows only one time per type, and create a list for every type.

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I'm just thinking here, but if you install Stash and use something like the following. This code is not tested and not sure get_list can be nested but the theory should be sound :)

{exp:channel:entries url_title="{segment_2}"}
{exp:stash:set_list name="entries" parse_tags="yes"} //Grab all your entries

{exp:stash:set_list name="group_titles" unique="yes" trim="yes"} //Grab just the titles in a seperate list

{exp:stash:get_list name="group_titles" prefix="outer"} //Grab the list of titles
    {exp:stash:get_list name="entries" match="#{outer:group}#" against="related" prefix="inner"} //Grab the entries and match them against the current group
    <li>{inner:title} / {inner:file} / {inner:group}</li>

I resolved using Matrix and Playa. I used those because of the Playa parents tag. I could not use the native features of Grid and Relationship because, according to the documentation, “Currently it is not possible to get the parents of a relationship field that is inside of a Grid field”.

The code is:

{exp:channel:entries channel="arguments"}
  {exp:playa:parents channel="documents" var_prefix="doc"}
   {doc:matrix_field search:relationship="[{entry_id}]"}
    <li><a href="{file}">{text_field}</a></li>

I did a similar thing with matrix field and in a low variables field. Thanks to @stuartmcd69 - I simplified his a bit.

{exp:stash:set_list name="groups" parse_tags="yes" unique="yes" }
  {exp:low_variables:parse var="report_downloads" order_by="category"}

then further in the template the output

{exp:stash:get_list name="groups" unique="yes" trim="yes"}
  {exp:stash:embed name="downloads" stash:category="{group}"}

and the embed template looks like

{exp:low_variables:parse var="report_downloads" search:category="={stash:category}"}
    <a href="{file}">{title}</a>

Stephen T actually had a wonderful answer, maybe you try this:

{exp:channel:entries channel="zones"}
    {parents field="zone_relationship_field" channel="club_listing"}

See this link Grouping entries by relationship field (title)

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