I am setting up a form using FreeForm. I would like user-submitted entries to be sent as a Channel Entry. Is this possible? I know that I can use the {exp:channel:form} tag to set this up, but I'd prefer having the backend features of Freeform.

I saw nothing about this in the documentation.

So here's a short demonstration on how I want this to work:

Freeform form > User submits form > Form is uploaded as a Channel Entry and marked as "Unpublished" > Admin changes status of channel entry and the entry is live on site.

Possible? Thank you!

  • What does freeform offer over channel form? Nov 11, 2014 at 9:07

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You can use the freeform_module_insert_end hook, which gives you access to all of the data posted via the form (and also the ability to retrieve that final data from the Freeform database via the form's entry_id if you like).

Then inside of that hook method, you can use that data to build your entry, which you can then pass to the Channel Entries API.

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