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Is there any support for Realex Payments provider? I have commissioned the Realex payment module for the previous version of Store, but we have moved on the upgrades and now need to offer the same thing for what is a much better store version.


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Unfortunately we've not had time to implement it for Store v2 as of yet. There are a few complications with that gateway that we found out about when building integration with Store v1. For that reason it took a bit more work than the others and as of yet we haven't had a chance to build a gateway extension for it.

A few people have mentioned they'd be interesting in sponsoring development of it but as of yet we've not had any follow-ups. The option is always there for split cost sponsorship. If enough people are interested then it wouldn't work out that much at all when divided.

  • well we sponsored the previous implementation with the previous version of store, so I think we might defer on this one.
    – Aaron
    May 19, 2014 at 11:05

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