I have a select menu where the values are loaded from a channel field. Is it possible to set the sort order using Freeform Pro? The code below does not work and I have not found any documentation. Surely though there must be a way to sort the contents of a select menu loaded from a channel by something other than entry_id.


I also tried this code below but obviously the data would not submit.

        <p><label for="field_001">First Choice</label><span class="required">* </span><br />   
            <select name="field_001" class="form-control" id="dd_biology_reu_faculty_001">
                <option value="">Select</option>
                {exp:channel:entries channel="channel_name" orderby="title" sort="asc" dynamic="no"}                    
                    <option value="{entry_id}|~|{title}">{title}</option>
            </select> </p>  

Thanks in advance.

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Chalk this one up to "Operator Error!"

This code worked:

    <p><label for="field_001">First Choice:</label><span class="required">* </span><br />       
    <select name="field_001" class="form-control" id="field_001">
        <option value="">Select</option>
                {exp:channel:entries channel="channel_field" orderby="title" sort="asc" dynamic="no"}                    
                    <option value="{title}">{title}</option>
            </select> </p>
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    – Anna_MediaGirl
    May 17, 2014 at 3:30

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