I have recently installed MSM on my EE build. Both are the very latest. I followed the tutorial all the way through: http://ellislab.com/expressionengine/user-guide/cp/sites/install.html

When i visit the subdomain on my local host it shows up fine in terms of the styles being there however when I make an edit to a template via the control panel/or text editor it does not show up on the subdomain. I have all my templates saved out as files. If i edit the index page for the main site, it shows up on both the main and subdomain.

my main site is located in a public_html folder on my computer and at the same level is the subdomain folder named appropriately. I am sorry my question is so high level. I bet I am just missing something obvious.

PS I have added an htaccess file to my subdomain folder with no success. This is all on apache on my local computer.

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Make sure that the path to your template files is correct in your control panel. Look under Design > Templates > Global Preferences and check "Server path to site's templates"


I have approached this by embedding a template to another site as documented here:



I have actually done this for embedding entire templates.

Have you tried this approach? How did you copy all of your templates over when you setup the new Site?

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