Trying to access price of some store items in a relationship field. The name of my store field is shop_product_settings

I'm trying to access the price variable without using the form tag, however, it doesn't seem to work when the items are being access through a relationship field.

  {class_recommended_products limit="2" }
  • What version of Store and EE are you using? Commented May 16, 2014 at 22:42

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I've used this:

    {relationship_field parse="inward"}
        {exp:store:product entry_id="{relationship_field:entry_id}" disable_form="yes" disable_javascript="yes"}

That may not be possible. Store takes advantage of EE's internal parsing to display the special price variables inside the product details tag.

I have not tried this myself, but it may not be possible to use the fieldtype parameters inside a relationship tag like that. Instead, would need to use the {exp:store:product} tag to get the product details.

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