I searched for some Expressioneinge social networking add-on that would allow me to have some "friends" functionality for ExpressEngine at devot:ee.

So far, I only found one plugin, Friends that allows me to do so.

I am just curious. Are there no other Expresssion Engine plugin that has this type of functionality?


If you need some simple function, you can look to Buddies

This module enables users to have buddies/friends/followers just like in many popular social networks and blogging systems.

The users are able to add/remove others as their buddies. The lists of buddies added by user and also who added him can be displayed. You can also display the total numbers and make various checks.


You may also consider Messaging, which incorporates funtional from Buddies module. These two use EE built-in buddies/blocked database table (yes, this functional already exists in EE, but it does not natively provide tools to manage user relations on front-end)

Another (more expensive) alternative is Friends from Solspace

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