Is it possible to add placeholder text (i.e. placeholder="Your Name") in a Freeform (not Pro) field? And how to style the submit button?

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The {exp:freeform:form} tag is a convenient way to render the form's markup - but because you're dealing with {freeform:field:name} instead of raw HTML it doesn't give you that much control over the markup.

However there's a trick so that you can add additional attributes to a field in FreeForm. Simply change your field to this {freeform:field:name attr:placeholder="Your name"}

To style your submit button you should use CSS. You can easily target it by adding form:class="submit-form" to your opening {exp:freeform:form} form and targeting the submit button using .submit-form input[type="submit"] {} in CSS.

See https://stackoverflow.com/questions/17042201/how-to-style-input-and-submit-button-with-css for more help with the styling.


You can style the submit button by adding a class:

{freeform:submit attr:class="button"}

(at least, as of 4.2.4)

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