It's easy to display categories in ExpressionEngine where entries are assigned using:

{exp:channel:categories channel="products|book_library" category_group="13" style="linear" parent_only="yes" show_empty="no"} <li><a href="{path='shop'}">{category_name}</a></li> {/exp:channel:categories}

However we're using Expresso Store and wish to display only the categories for which a store entry exists (i.e. entries with prices set in the Store publish tab).

The reasoning being that we use two channels for products, a specific shop products channel (products) and then another (book_library) where some entries will be available to buy, others will not.

Is there some way to do this without having to resort to some serious hackery?

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Hmm, probably hard to do in a categories loop. I would try using a product search loop ({exp:store:search}) along with the search:price:min="0.01" parameter (see the search paramater docs). You might have to do this once and silently assemble a PHP array of entry IDs and category IDs, sort them by category, then output in groups.

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