The website I am busy developing contains a shopping cart and after 2 hours of no user activity, the current cart is considered abandoned and should send the user an email regarding this.

I am using Expresso-Store as my shopping cart and considering the Postmaster add-on for handling my emails. Will the Postmaster add-on handle the sending of email after 2 hours of inactivity?

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I don't think postmaster supports this out of the box.

However, it should be fairly trivial to add support for. Store keeps all incomplete carts in the exp_store_orders table (with completed_date set to NULL), so it would be fairly easy to grab the most recent abandoned carts and send a follow up email to them.

  • To add to this, you could try writing a plug-in to query the exp_store_orders table as Adrian suggests and then have that placed in a template which is called on a fairly regular basis by a CRON job. :) Jun 16, 2014 at 7:52

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