Has anyone got a way to create a "repeating" field without using Matrix?

I kind of need Matrix's ability to create new "rows" but since each row would just have a single bit of text using Matrix seems like overkill.

The data will just be text and I could simply let the user add a comma delimited list of items but for the sake of neatness I would prefer them to enter each item in its own textbox then click to add another.


Pixel and Tonic has another field_type called P&T List which might be suitable. If you just need a list of items, I'd look at that. I believe it's free.


Nonprofit_tech's suggestion of P&T List is a good one. If that is too light-weight, then there is Grid Lite, which is a free, pared-down Matrix clone.

  • This is what I would suggest. – CreateSean Jan 3 '13 at 14:47

Nolan would probably do what you need in that case. My understanding is that it's a Matrix Clone with not as much functionality as Matrix does. I've not personally used it before, but Iain is a pretty solid developer, so I'd be confident in its function.

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    Nolan wouldn't work since it is a field type that goes inside a matrix allowing you to nest matrices. – CreateSean Jan 3 '13 at 14:47

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