Is there a way to display something if there IS NOT a primary category?

We've tried these with no luck:

{exp:primary_category entry_id="{segment_2}"}

{if primary_category_id}

{if primary_category_id} YES {/if}<br>

{if primary_category_id == ""} NO {/if}<br>


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Could you perhaps do...

{exp:query sql="SELECT primary_category_id FROM exp_primary_category WHERE entry_id='{segment_2}'"}
    {if no_results}

Be careful of placing this inside a channel:entries loop though as the {if no_results} tag will be caught by that instead of the query loop.

Not verified but worth a try.


Sorry, this is not available with Primary Category at this time.

  • Any way this might be do-able this an embed or some other such logic? Commented Jun 11, 2014 at 7:34

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