I have a composer template in freeform pro, thats being used as a survey. The field label needs to be a question which is quite long but there appears to be a limit on the field label in Freeform. Can this be changed?

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There is a limit in the label field in the CP: if you look at the source code, you will see the input field has an attribute: maxlength="150". That limits the field to entering 150 characters.

Even if you changed that value temporarily using the Web Inspector or Firebug in your browser, in the exp_freeform_fields database table, the field_label column is VARCHAR(150), which means that beyond 150 characters, the database cuts off text to 150 characters. You would have to make a change in the database as well, which is something we would recommend being very careful with if you're not familiar with MySQL (we can't advocate doing that).

Since you need more text and instead of doing the above hacks, how about using the Field Description field to hold your label text? That field can hold a lot more text (65000+ characters actually), and you can swap it with your label in the template code.

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