I have a template group called 'members' with two templates - 'male' and 'female'.

Now, I want the 'index'-template of the 'members'-group to redirect to the 'male'-template, whenever somebody types in the following URL:


I've setup a route in the CP like this...

'members/index' => 'members/male'

... and put this in my 'members/index'-template:


I expected this to initiate a redirect, but it doesn't. So, how do the new native template routes actually work?

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OK, I've just discovered the following feature in the access-section of the template manager:

"When unauthorized users try to access this page, show this one instead"

This solves my problem perfectly!

Or, as an alternative, I can add this to the members/index template:

{if segment_2 != ""}

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