Is there some sort of way in Expresso-Store that I am able to use the {exp:store:product} tag inside of the {exp:store:checkout} tag without generating a 'product form' inside of the 'checkout form'? I need to use the {total_stock} tag from {exp:store:product}.

I tried to use {exp:store:product} inside of {exp:store:checkout}, but then my submit button to go to the next checkout step did not respond at all and I think this might have been because there were two forms on the page?

I have this code within my {exp:store:checkout} tag:

{if total_stock > 0}
    <select name="qty">{exp:lb_cart:get_cart_stock t_stock="{total_stock}" item_qty="{item_qty}"}</select>
    <p>Out Of Stock ({item_qty}). Item will be removed from the cart.</p>

Is it possible to user the {total_stock} referencing {exp:store:product}?

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You can add disable_form="yes" to the {exp:store:product} tag to disable the creation of the form. (Docs.)

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