I'd like to have the flag banner in our Expressionengine Discussion Forum appear only on the forum homepage.

I'm taking a college php class but we haven't gotten far enough for me to know how to write the code. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • I don't have forum, so I'm writing this as a comment rather than an actual answer. But you'd want a PHP if statement, that would read something like <?php $base_url = "http://www.medicare-cms.com/forums" if($base_url == "{appropriate PHP SERVER URI}") include('header-main.php'); else include('header.php'); ?> My PHP is crap, so there's probably a missing semi-colon somewhere, but that's kind of the basic idea. Commented Jan 6, 2013 at 21:37

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Something like this should do the trick:

     $url = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];
     $segment = explode("/", $url);

     if ($segment[2] == ""){
       echo "<img src='/path/to/image/'>";

This says if segment #2 is equal to blank display the banner. So the banner will only show when the URL is /forum/.


You can edit the /themes/forum_themes/developer/forum_index/forum_homepage.html file. I put a banner, for example, between these code snippets:

<img src="/uploads/forum-banner.png" alt="" />
<div class="fm-header-wrapper">

Only the home page gets this banner. All forum themes, as near as I can tell, have this file.

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