I'm trying to build some filtering into my store listing. The standard 'low to high' and 'high to low' kind of thing.

Dynamic Parameters seemed like a good option


By using $_GET variables, I'm able to control the sort & orderby parameters. However, when I set ?orderby=price on my url, the filtering doesn't work.

?orderby=title works. ?sort=asc/desc works.

Price seems to be the only thing that doesn't. I'm wondering if this is a bug. Since the {exp:store:search} tag augments the native entries tag, maybe something is getting lost in translation.

Below is an abstract of my code:


  < Markup in here >


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I don't think the Store search tag supports dynamic parameters for internal Store fields.

To work around this, you could put the orderby/sort parameters into segment variables (for example, orderby="{segment_3}".

Alternatively, you could use one of the many EE extensions which allow you to access GET variables as early parsed EE template vars.

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