I've got an issue where results from the wrong channel are showing up on the results page.

Some background on the site:


  • pages_nl
  • pages_fr
  • pages_en
  • vehicle_nl
  • vehicle_fr
  • vehicle_en

The search results tag looks like this:

    status="not closed"

The results look like this:

  • entry from vehicle_nl, entry_id is 1401
  • entry from page_fr, entry_id is 1390
  • entry from page_nl, entry_id is 1338
  • entry from page_en, entry_id is 1364

So if I'm reading it correctly, entries 1390 and 1364 should not be in this list. I've rebuilt all indexes, no joy.

The problem isn't specific to these entries, other queries that have a match in the 3 languages show up as well.

We use the same template/low_search:results tag for the results pages in the other languages and those are fine.

Any suggestions on how to debug this?

  • Is the site publicly accessible so we can see the URL that is causing issues? If not what is the URL that is causing problems compared to one that is working? Are you using a specific add-on for what I am assuming is a multi-lingual site? Jun 25, 2014 at 21:43
  • Not using an add-on for the multi-lingual part, just lots of playa relations. Url isn't live yet so show you, looks like this: for nl => nl/zoekresultaten/?keywords=ariel, for en => en/search/?keywords=ariel Jun 26, 2014 at 6:28

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Managed to fix it: some entries were in more then one collection in the exp_low_search_indexes table. Truncated those tables, rebuilt all indexes and the results were correct.

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