I'm trying to use the new channel form captcha functionality, and I never get the fields displayed, apparently because the {if captcha} conditional always fails. However, like one of the blog posts I saw, when I take the conditional off, I do get a display of the {captcha} image.

I have followed the instructions and have Allow Guest posts set to yes, Guest Captcha set to yes, And I yave Use TrueType Font set to Yes and that font is there in the {site_url}/images/captchas directory. I just re-affirmed for the second time that my images/captchas directory is set to 0777, although that may not be valid as it's a Windows server. I don't know how to check the GD library, but every other aspect of EE seems to work fine.

I am not able to see any evidence of GD library. As it's a windows server, I'm not sure where to look. Anyone know where in the GUI, or elsewhere, I can see that?


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If you can see the CAPTCHA sometimes then you don't have a problem with permissions or the GD library.

Are you logged in to the site/CP when you can't see the CAPTCHA? There is a setting to show CAPTCHAs only to users that aren't logged in.

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    This is likely it. OP, try logging out or requiring CAPTCHA for members as well. Jul 31, 2014 at 12:31

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