Given a category (not the category group), is there a way to get the count entries assigned to that category? I'm hoping for a native EE solution. This seems to suggest that there isn't one: Anyone know of a plugin to show Category count?. Can I do this in EE only?

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Here is a plugin that will give you the desired result you need without a custom query.



I think the simplest and quickest solution if no one wrote a plug-in already would be:

{exp:query sql="SELECT COUNT(entry_id) AS cat_count FROM exp_category_posts WHERE cat_id=1"}{cat_count}{/exp:query}

Note: Untested.

Obviously replace the cat_id value with the category ID you want to count entries for. :)

If you don't have the category ID in the URL, but have its category_url_title:

SELECT COUNT(entry_id) AS cat_count
FROM exp_category_posts AS cp
JOIN exp_categories AS c ON cp.cat_id = c.cat_id
WHERE c.cat_url_title = "{segment_X}"

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