So, been using EE for some time but now want to push the limits and write some extensions and or plugin.

The extension needs to write the entry_id of the entry just published by any user OR the entry_id of the entry if posting a comment - to every members profile (or separate table).

When a member visits the entry, it would remove the entry_id from their list.


--Install "extension"

----Extension creates new table - exp_member_read_unread (User ID, list of entry_ids)

--User creates a new post or comments on entry

----On save, extension kicks in and records the entries entry_id to each members exp_members_read_unread column. (eg: entry_id column = 1,2,4,99,6)

Background: I'll be creating a server side read/unread visited/not visited since new stuff added - list for each member.

Second to this, I will need another plugin/extension to modify the users read/unread list once visited. That'll be another post I expect.

I can pound away at creating an SQL query but no solid idea on where to start or if an extension is the right approach. The docs are somehwat overwhelming to a N00b and cannot find simple starter examples - so looking to tap the brightest minds where possible :)

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Sorry i didn't read all the functionality you are wanting to create. To create all of the things you are wanting to do you will need to create a "module" there isn't a tone of great documentation out there on how to do that but here is a great read and information about the different types of EE extensions and small tutorials on doing so... I hope this helps and answers your questions.


At the bottom you can click on each one giving you more info on each.

Here is a link to a easy module tutorial from the same source:




The rest of the series is on the right hand side.


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