This is the first time I am getting this error. I am currently using PayU as payment gateway and integrated this by using Omnipay in expresso store in my EE2 project. In my request object that I need to send to PayU I need to times the amount by 100 to convert this into cents and I am doing this.

The error I get is: {"store_payment_error":"Amount is invalid. Amount must be in cents"}

I got this error when I had an order amount of R22 293.36. Is this too big an amount for the gateway or store to handle? I am sure this shouldn't be the problem? I have over 200 orders that I tested already, but the first time I am getting this error?

  • Seems to be every time an order is greater than R10 000 I get this error..
    – heinkasner
    Jul 3, 2014 at 10:12

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FIXED: I am using the function $this->getAmountInteger(); where I am building the request object to send the info over to the payment gateway and timed this by 100 to convert it into cents. BE AWARE that this function already times the order/cart amount by 100, hence there is no need to have it as $this->getAmountInteger() * 100;

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