I have been trying to get P&T's Dropdown as well as Checkboxes to work with Channel Forms but I do not seem to have any success as of yet. I have tried using

            <option value="{option_value}"{selected}>{option_value}</option>


            <option value="{option_value}"{selected}>{option_name}</option>


            <option value="{option_value}"{selected}>{option_name}</option>

with no success. Does anyone know where i could be going wrong?

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Kindly got an answer from the great guys over at Pixel and Tonic. You need to add this to your expressionengine config file.

$config['safecracker_option_fields'][] = 'fieldpack_checkboxes';
$config['safecracker_option_fields'][] = 'fieldpack_radio_buttons';
$config['safecracker_option_fields'][] = 'fieldpack_dropdown';
$config['safecracker_option_fields'][] = 'fieldpack_multiselect';
$config['safecracker_option_fields'][] = 'fieldpack_pill';

Once that has been added to your config file, you can use P& T Dropdown with channel forms using this code

     <option value="{option_value}"{selected}>{option_value}</option>

and you can use the P&T Checkboxes using this code.

    <label class="checkbox">
        <input type="checkbox" id="{my_field_name}" name="{my_field_name}[]" value="{option_value}"{checked}>{option_value}

Now I have both the dropdown and checkboxes working perfectly.



You'll have to use the default {field:my_field_name} for this.

I ran into the same problem trying the add checkboxes to a form. Turns out the field doesn't hold any data, because it is in fact still empty. You can write your own custom plugin to get that data or use field:my_field_name.

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