I have a MSM installation that will be powering 3 different sites. One site is essentially a small stand-alone brochure site and is running fine. The other two are Site A - default site w/ most of the content and Site B, a smaller site that is going to re-use some content from A.

The short question is: Is it possible to use Structure and MSM to share content between sites?

Longer details:

All the sites are using Structure to manage pages. In Site B, I have duplicated the channels and Structure layout for this particular page I'm trying to display. I have also duplicated the template wich includes the channel:entries tag:


The only difference between Site A template and Site B is the site="default_site" tag. Everything else in the templates, channels, and entries are the same between sites.

Side note - my navigation templates use a similar channel entries tag (limited to a specific category id) and they display fine. The correct content entries are being displayed in the nav on Site B.

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You can share content, but all navigation and page data is site-specific, so you can't call from one into another unfortunately. It's just an EE/MSM limitation.


The solution we have come up with is to use the Playa add-on and link the content that way. This requires us to create the pages on Site B via Structure, but solves the navigation and page-date restriction Travis mentions. This also allows us to add in Site B specific content as needed (another client requirement).

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