I want to use ExpressionEngine to build a website for a church. The church has several campuses across the USA. The church has a site and the campuses have their own mini-sites too.

Basically the church has a type of admin (A) and the campuses have another type of admin (B). B type admins can only access their content (of the campuses they own) and A type admins can access all contents and administrate B type admins. Also, B type admins can ask for content of their campus site to be on the church side (so sharing some content across websites).

Do you know of a way to do this? A plugin or so ? I'm not really familiar with EE's multi-site module.

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Multi Site Manager would work well for this.

  • Each member group can be assigned to one or more sites in the network
  • Super Admins can access all sites and settings.
  • Content from other sites can be accessed by using the site parameter on any Channel Entries tag

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