I've been trying to port some 5000 entries of a CSV into ExpressionEngine using the Google Map Import utility.

However, I only seem to be able to import if I segment my CSV into multiple parts.

The CSV itself is fine as I tried importing with Datagrab as well and it went without a hitch.

After setting up the Google Map Import, when I select the schema, select my CSV and then hit add to pool the page refreshes but nothing happens. No warning, error or anything.

Segmenting the CSV into multiple chunks seems convoluted and from background reading shouldn't be necessary for what is a relatively small dataset.

I'm running 2.8.1 and the latest version of the addon.

Have emailed support as well but wondered if anyone else has had anything similar?

  • Did you ever manage to resolve this issue? Nov 4 '14 at 22:58

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