I am currently using ex-presso store and have mapped it to the zoo visitor fields. When i complete an order, the user shipping and billing details are not saved or updated at all.

I am using the {exp:zoo_visitor:details {global:disable_categories}} tag to surround the member info form and using the {visitor:global:mbr_user_shipping_phone} formatted tags for the values of the text boxes.

Is there anything I can look at to solve this? I don't know what I am missing?

  • I have also tried to the member_id="{member_id}" in the details tag, but still no luck
    – heinkasner
    Jul 14, 2014 at 10:53

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If you are updating the users member data stored in Zoo Visitor outside of the normal checkout process of Store you should be using the {exp:zoo_visitor:update_form} tag pair instead of the {exp:zoo_visitor:details} tag pair. The update tags allows for:

The update form tag can be used to update native member fields like password, username, screen_name, email & all custom fields you have defined in the member channel.

Full docs on the update tag.

Something along the lines of:

 Billing City: <input name="mbr_billing_city" type="text" value="" />

If you are trying to update the members data during the checkout process you can simply use Store's native checkout functionality to update the member data. Something along the lines of:

 <label for="billing_city">Billing City</label>

Or if you want to create a custom input you could do:

 <label for="billing_city">Billing City</label>
 <input type="text" name="billing_city" value="{billing_city}" class="whatever" />

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