I'm building a new fieldtype which should be used with:

  • single tag:


...which correctly calls replace_tag() method

  • single tag with modifier:


...which correctly calls replace_tag_catchall()

  • tag pair:


...which correctly calls replace_tag()

  • but I also need tag pair with modifier:


...which should call replace_tag_catchall(), but it's not calling anything.

The documentation is relatively clear that it should work.

Any idea how I can make the miracle happen?


Fieldtype tag pairs with modifiers SHOULD NOT contain the modifier in the closing tag.




  • And sadly, Matrix, as the Murphy law applies, requires that the closing tag contains the modifier... And it works with tags pairs but not with single tags. Well, I need a beer...
    – pvledoux
    Jul 16 '14 at 14:46

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