Here is the scenario ... I have freeform pro installed and working perfectly on a client's site. The site uses the Structure module for creating pages, etc. Currently I simply add the freeform form to a structure page by use of a conditional that checks the URL and if there is a match the form is rendered.

Client is asking for a way to select which page the form will go on so we can cut out the manual conditional check. It seems to me there could be a way to do this but I'm coming up empty here. Looking for some best practice type of advice here.


I might be misunderstanding what you need, but whenever I've set this up I use Pixel & Tonic Switch in the channel entry to turn the form on or off. (That seems a bit simple so I'm guessing you are looking for something else!)


This functionality exists in the FreeForm Pro version. Complete details here:


Freeform allows you to call your forms directly into a channel entry. Simply create a custom channel field (of the Freeform fieldtype), and it will allow your admins to select Composer-based forms to be linked directly to a the channel field. You can then have the form(s) display on the front end alongside your channel entry using the Channel:Entries tag.

The resulting field looks like this on the edit form:

enter image description here


You could potentially use a custom field also.

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