I'm trying to retrieve a category ID to be used in the Member Categories tag pair that is used later on in my template. I know for sure that the variables is being set (I tested it outside the Member Categories tag), but for some reason it refuses to work as a parameter. I've tried adding process="end" but that didn't seem to do anything. Any help would be appreciated!

    {exp:channel:entries channel="my_channel" limit="1" dynamic="yes" disable="pagination"}
        {exp:stash:set name="my_id"}
            {categories limit="1"}


    {exp:member_categories:members category_id="{exp:stash:get name='my_id' process='end'}" limit="4" backspace="1"}

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I think there's a few different ways to get around the parse order issue. One would be instead of adding process=end you could wrap the member_categories tag pair with stash parse:

{exp:stash:parse process="end"}
    {exp:member_categories:members category_id="{exp:stash:get name='my_id'}" limit="4" backspace="1" parse="inward"}

(also added parse=inward to the members tag parameter, but not sure if you'll need it)

  • That did the trick! Thank you so much! FYI for anyone else - did not end up not needing to add parse=inward to get it to work.
    – gaarmaster
    Jul 23, 2014 at 15:47

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