Using expression engine multi-site.

we have a master site "master-site" & a slave/child site "slave-site".

I am creating a new channel "blogs" & it's channel fields.

1) Create "blogs" channel & channel fields from "slave-site" admin panel.

Issue: Only default channel tags "{title}", "{entry_id}" etc are working in templates. If we create a new channel fields then tags for these channel fields do not work in template and shows tags as it is in browser.

Eg: If we create a channel field "blog_description" and using "{blog_description}" tag in template but in browser tag not fetching it's value and showing tag "{blog_description}".

2) Create "blogs" channel & channel fields from "master-site" admin panel.

Issue: "blogs" channel & channel fields are not appearing at "slave-site" admin panel.

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Add channels so all from the original site are present, then in exp_channels table in the DB manually set the field group for each to be the same as the corresponding channel in the original site.

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