I have a navigation/URL structure issue, and I haven't been able to find online exactly what I want to accomplish.

I have an "About" template and a "Staff" template - so different URL's for each template. I have two Channels, one for each template, but have only ONE category group.

I've set up the navigation so that I have a drop-down under my "about" navigation item, which lists all of the categories - About, Mission, Staff, Facts. All of the categories, except for Staff, will pull up on the "About" template. I want "Staff," however, to direct to my staff template. Is this possible?

What variable do I use to direct that one category to another template?

I have this code in my nav:

{exp:channel:categories category_group="1" style="linear" show_empty="no"}
                <li><a href="{path='??'}">{category_name}</a></li>


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In general using categories for navigation on "static" sections can be frustrating. They weren't really designed with that in mind.

In this case I'd try using a conditional inside the loop to look for the staff entry and then build a different link:

{exp:channel:categories category_group="1" style="linear" show_empty="no"}
            {if category_url_title != "staff"}
                <a href="{path='about/index'}">{category_name}</a>

            {if category_url_title=="staff"}
                <a href="{site_url}about/staff'}">{category_name}</a>


The reason for not using the path linking variable in the second case is that because it's within a category loop EE will create a category link (http://yoursite.com/about/staff/category/category_url_title) which in this case you don't want.

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