Is there a way to code links in notification mails (to a potential logged out user) in such a way that the user goes directly to the message page, without the login procedure?

(In my case, Solspace Friends module generates a notification link to a page only visible for logged in members.)

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I solved the problem by using Logmein http://devot-ee.com/add-ons/logmein. In my notification template:


In template 'return' I grab the username wrapped in a condition if they are logged out:

{if logged_out}
    {exp:logmein:now username="{segment_4}"}

{redirect= '/vrienden/mijn_berichten/message/{segment_3}/'}

and lead the user (now logged in) further to the desired template where he/she can see the message. Works like a charm. Thanks for making this plugin!

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