I rarely do any crazy cross/channel templates. Most EE sites I've developed are based on individual channels. I did something that seems to be working for the home page, but not for the interior pages; e.g., anything past index.php/template-name/page-name

Here's my main template code:



    <div class="ctnr cf two-four grid">
        {exp:channel:entries channel="content" limit="1"}
        <div class="ctnr cf one-one content" id="hero">


        </div><!-- end #hero -->
    </div><!-- end .ctnr -->



I'm opening/closing channels within each include group; e.g.:

        <div class="left-sidebar ctnr cf one-four grid">
    {exp:channel:entries channel="left"}
    </div><!-- end .ctnr -->

This seems to be working perfectly on the home page... It sorta works if I just do the following url structure index.php/template-name - This pulls in the most recent entry. Once I put in the actual url title; e.g., index.php/template-name/page-title it pulls the content, but all the includes are messed up. They're getting pulled in, but the content and images aren't.

Any pointers on this?



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Have you tried adding dynamic="no" as a parameter for your channel entries? Since there is no url title on the homepage the entries loops assume it will be a listing, but as soon as you add more segments to your url. The entries try and pull that title. By adding dynamic="no", you are saying that you do not care what the url title is, you just want the listing. Check out the documentation

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