I am using playa with in matrix field type and want to get the url of playa link.

For eg:-

I have created Channel (named as XYZ) and following fields as below :

a) gallery_name : text

b) gallery : matrix

   i) link  : Playa
   ii) link_text : text

Now i want to show gallery link and link_text.

I am using code below :

{exp:channel:entries channel="xyz"}

    {gallery_name} <br/>

        <a href="{link}{page_uri}{/link}">{link_text}</a> 


But the code <a href="{link}{page_uri}{/link}"> is not working.


this code is not showing playa link that is selected before for respective text.

So what is missing/wrong here. Please give me a solution.

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For making work playa link:

1) Double check you have selected a published entry.
2) Open your playa field to edit (from Admin->Channel->Channel fields->select gallery to edit) and recheck settings and save field.

  • Please check publish setting. Commented Aug 11, 2014 at 12:34

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