I am using expresso store:search tag in a page and I am submitting a price range (min/max) to the tag as follows:

{exp:store:search channel="products" search:price:min="{post:min_price}" search:price:max="{post:max_price}" category="{segment_category_ids}" paginate='bottom' dynamic_parameters="orderby|limit|sort"}

There is a lot going on in this I know, but it does work - to a point. When I do a search for a combination that doesn't exist (say there is nothing in that price range) I get a blank page because there are no entries associated.

My question is, does store:search have a no_results tag pair? And if so, how is it implemented? I looked through the documentation and in here, but have found nothing to direct me and it seems like it should be part of a search tag by default.

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The Store search tag is basically a wrapper for the channel entries tag pair with the ability to search Store specific functionality.

So you would want to do something along the lines of:

{exp:store:search channel="products" search:price:min="{post:min_price}" search:price:max="{post:max_price}"}

{!-- this will show if their are entries --}
 {title} - {price} - {your_custom_fields} 

 {if no_results}
  There are no items for this search.


So any tags you would use in the channels entries tag pair should be available in your search tag pair.

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