Using a classic html select code Brasil as defaut option could be selected using selected parameter:

   <option value="África do Sul">África do Sul</option>
    <option value="Brasil" selected>Brasil</option>
    <option value= ............... </option>

I'm using the dropdown of P&T Field Pack, it's working fine, a Channel Field element implement the dropdown list:

           <option value="{option_value}"{selected}>{option_value}</option>

But how to set Brasil, (or other option) as defaut option, like the classic html select code ??


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    I don't have test install under my hand but try next: <select> {options:member_paises} <option value="{option_value}" {if '{options:member_paises}' == '' && '{option_value}' == 'Brasil'}selected{/if}>{option_value}</option> {/options:member_paises} </select> – Max Lazar Aug 16 '14 at 7:47
  • Max, very nice solution, it's working fine, thanks a lot! If you want, you could put your reply as a answer. regards, stéphane – Stéphane Aug 16 '14 at 19:01

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